Four Corners Reading

Self care and gentle shadow work through the Starchild Tarot creator’s 4 Corners Spread, plus journaling to support these practices

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Journal Prompts for Calm on Wine Down Wednesday

8 journal prompts for calm: choose one based on the time and energy you’d like to spend on self-care right now.

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What Use Is Journaling?

Why journal? Is it actually good for anything? When you journal, you’re allowed to explore any topic, including dreams and nightmares, hopes and fears, harsh and gentle interactions, even shadow work.

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Transforming, A Journal Prompt

10 ways I’ve changed, including realizing TV antennas aren’t entry points, even for fictional beings. A list.

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Overcoming: A List

A list of 10 things I’m proud of overcoming, like the fear of stuttering and disconnection from physical sensations

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