Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Spreads

Full moon in night sky with purple galaxy

Giveaway Winner, Next Chance to Win, and Full Moon Tarot Spreads

November Tarot Reading Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to November 3-Card Reading winner Jody in Atlanta, GA! Jody is receiving a One Question Reading, using the Tarot or Lenormand deck of his choice.

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Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Spreads

Next moon phase: Full Moon in Gemini on Monday, 30 Nov 2020

Anxious about time rushing past you? Following the moon phases is the perfect meaningful way to mark the passage of time. As in all things, I recommend starting small and keeping it simple–if you only track one moon phase, consider following the full moon dates. The full moon is a time of high energy and high emotions, so while you may get a lot done, it’s also helpful to be aware that you may feel more strongly than at other times of the month.

Understanding the (Very) Basics of the Moon Phases

Image credit: Universe Today, https://www.universetoday.com/13533/astronomy-for-kids-fun-with-the-moon/

An easy way to classify the many moon phases is to recognize that when the moon is full, it will “wane” or appear to become smaller for approximately 2 weeks until the new moon. The new moon will then “wax” or increase in visibility for 2 more weeks until the next full moon. Full moon –> waning for 2 wks –> new moon –> waxing for 2 wks –> next full moon.

As the moon gets smaller, it’s called a “waning moon”. As it becomes fuller, the moon is called a “waxing moon”. Keep it simple with Biddy Tarot’s New and Full Moon Spreads you can reuse every month. Get a 6-card spread, guided meditation audio, and general journal prompts for each of the 2 main phases free.

Moon Signs

Just like the sun goes through each of the astrological signs for about a month, the moon goes through the signs a few days at a time. So, the moon changes signs much more often than the sun does. Layering the astrological sign the full moon is in provides you with even more insight. Naturally, Tarot readings based on the full moon’s current sign are perfect for learning which challenges and opportunities you may face in the next few weeks. Labyrinthos Academy’s Full Moon spreads and Ethony*’s annual Tarot by the Moon Guide are my 2 favorite sources for full moon reflection spreads specific to the sign the moon is in.

Gemini Full Moon Spread at Labyrinthos – See all of Labyrinthos’ Full Moon Spreads by sign in Resources below


Moon Phase Today at LunaF – A simple page with the current day’s moon phase and sign, the next moon phase and date, and astrological sign references

Ethony*’s 2021 Tarot by the Moon Guide – Get your free copy for the 2021 New and Full Moon Tarot spreads organized by date. You’ll also receive the download link for the 2020 Tarot by the Moon Guide on the same page so you can finish out this year with specific spreads for each new and full moon by sign.

Full Moon Spreads by astro sign from Labyrinthos Academy

How to Work with Each Moon Phase at the Numinous – Includes the difference between the dark moon and new moon, a helpful distinction if you’re ready to go deeper. This article lists the new, full, and quarter moons for a bit more depth than I’ve included above.

Transforming, A Journal Prompt

white blue and yellow house

How I’ve changed, from the absurd to the profound

Today’s list prompt is from 52 Lists for Calm: Journaling Inspiration for Soothing Anxiety and Creating a Peaceful Life. Below, we’ll talk about journaling to achieve different goals. Journaling can simply be a record of events, but it can also be a tool to clarify your emotions, figure out your priorities, worry less, or change an internal script.

LIST 20: List the ways you are different now than you were in the past.

You could achieve different goals with this journaling prompt just by redefining the time period for “the past”. Today my goal was to refocus, after realizing my mind was drifting from web design. I was able to go back and put the finishing touches on the webpage and hit publish. I decided to go with any changes since childhood, because that doesn’t require me to think through timelines.

  1. I enjoy yogurt. As a child, I disliked the texture, common for folks with ADD or who are on the spectrum.
  2. Unexpected touch doesn’t scare me.
  3. I speak up for myself.
  4. I like vacuuming.
  5. I can make a bit of small talk comfortably.
  6. I’ve gotten honest about the fact that I’m not going to iron clothes. Just not gonna do it. Now I just try to prevent wrinkles.
  7. My thrill issues are resolved. (I have scars from 4-wheeler/ ATV, jet ski, and go kart accidents.)
  8. I have more control of my thoughts. I can recognize and interrupt unhealthy circular thinking and harmful mental scripts.
  9. I don’t have pet rats. I discovered I’m very allergic, though rats have been my best pets. They are smarter than dogs, enjoy ear scratches like cats, and can learn to come when called. (And quite clean little animals, if you were wondering. A rat will stop to wash its face every single time it eats or drinks. They bathe and groom themselves just like cats do.)
  10. I no longer believe Santa enters homes through the TV antenna if there’s no chimney.

Author Moorea Seal follows this journal prompt with, “If you have the capacity to be different today than you were in the past, then you have the capacity to make changes in the present that will impact you for the better in the future.”

If you’d like to journal for 5 minutes or less to refocus like I did, you might consider using the prompt above as is. For a more reflective experience, you could add a specific time period, such as, “List the ways you are different now than you were in high school” or “before your last move“. You could also make this more in-depth by picking an area of your life where you’ve experienced change: “List the ways you are different now than you were in the past in your response to conflict” or “in how you relate to your parents”.

Go Deeper

Check out my other 52 Lists posts and get your 52 Lists for Calm journal.

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November 2020 Goddess Box

Goddess Provisions Goddess Box

Lunar Light Box

Happy 11/11, friends! Today we’re unboxing the Lunar Light Goddess Box. Goddess Box is my favorite subscription box. I love that there’s a crystal in every box along with 6 or so full-size items like herbal teas from Magic Hour, lovely candles, mystical decor, and oracle decks. Goddess Provisions, the company behind this spectacular monthly box, is the creator of the Sacred Self-Care Oracle Deck, a gorgeous inclusive pastel deck.

What’s Inside

  • Sagittarius Moon Incense Holder – wooden crescent moon with rose gold inlay
  • Magic Hour Ruby Moon Tea
  • Celestial Ribbons hair ties – Love these!
  • Crescent Moon Teaspoon
  • Moon Phase Wall Hanging
  • Rainbow Moonstone Obelisk
  • Digital Moon Manifesting ebook

Overcoming: A List

adult alone anxious black and white

Fears and hurtful tendencies that no longer rule me

Today I received the book 52 Lists for Calm: Journaling Inspiration for Soothing Anxiety and Creating a Peaceful Life by Moorea Seal. It’s nicely formatted as a hardcover journal and I appreciate that there are a few lined pages for each list prompt.

LIST 16: List the things you are most proud of overcoming.

Please be aware: As I explain my list below, I briefly mention some of the verbally and emotionally abusive conditions of my childhood.

  1. Fear of stuttering
    As a child I was interrupted so often while trying to speak, I developed a stutter and often just stayed quiet instead. This occurred with a sibling of mine as well.
  2. Picking at my hands
    As a result of anxiety and the inability to control my environment or my level of safety as a child, I’d bite or pick at my nails or cuticles until my hands hurt. It took months of gently reminding myself to place my hands on my lap instead of picking or fidgeting. I still remind myself at times, though it’s maybe a few times a year rather than several times an hour.
  3. Substance-addictive personality
    Addictive personality as a trait runs in my family: alcoholism, drug abuse, escapism, internet addiction (more recently), and disordered eating can all be traced through multiple generations. Once when my son was a toddler, we were sitting on the living room floor playing with building blocks. My child picked up my phone from a side table and placed it in my hand, since that’s where he was used to seeing it. I decided that day to put my phone down every time he asked to play or read with me. It’s been so freeing to just play and focus on him when he wants my attention.
  4. Total disconnection from some of my body’s signals
    Some of the meanings of my physical sensations were lost as I struggled to feel safe and okay. I became so familiar with frequent anxiety accompanied by stomach pain that as an adult, sometimes it’s difficult for me to recognize that I’m hungry. I’ve become more physically integrated and now if my stomach hurts, I ask myself whether I’m upset or just hungry. I still have a high pain tolerance and I suspect it’s partially related to what’s left of my past disconnection from my physical body.
  5. Fear of being recognized by acquaintances
    I can now greet people I know in public, though I occasionally notice my old tendency to avoid being seen. Being accustomed to negative family interactions, I felt safer with strangers than the people I knew best. This is a tremendous relief to have overcome.
  6. Fear of being shamed for answering incorrectly
    Gaslighting and blatant lies about past events were frequent occurrences in my childhood. I developed such a fear of being wrong that I would mentally punish myself for the rest of the class period if I answered a question incorrectly in school.
  7. Comparing myself in great detail to my peers
    Every school year, I was asked whether I was the smartest and prettiest person in my classes. I was trained to list the names of people who were brighter and more attractive. What a destructive pattern that was. I’m so thankful to feel that those are not my defining qualities.
  8. Body shame
    The size and shape of my physical body were frequently scrutinized, as were my food choices, by a person with an unhealthy relationship to both their own physical body and to food. I recall a time when a family member thought something was horribly wrong with my neck because my collar bone was visible (they hadn’t seen their own in years).
  9. Fear of invalidation
    I was made an example of growing up if my emotions didn’t align with what was expected of me. One day I was berated for hugging a sibling to comfort them after they were yelled at and called names, which was commonplace for all of us.
  10. Fear of loud noises inside my home
    I learned growing up that the louder the stomping or cabinet-door slamming was, the worse my day was going to be. I still to this day will apologize to any humans or inanimate objects present if I accidentally close a door or cabinet harder than I intended. I still have a startle reflex to some loud noises indoors, but I no longer fear for my safety when they happen.

The author follows up with an affirmation exercise: “Is there anything you’re currently facing that reminds you of things you’ve already overcome? Think of your past experiences as practice for the present and future. You’ve done the work before, and you can do it again.” As a psychology student, I learned to ask people in difficult situations how they’d overcome something similar in the past. This powerful question serves a few purposes, including reminding us that we’ve been through difficult times before and survived and helping us identify our resources and support systems.

Thank you for reading. What have you overcome (if you’re comfortable sharing)? Let me know in the comments below so we can all celebrate your success!

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    Preparing for Samhain Readings

    Pumpkins and candles on picnic table for autumn

    Here are a few photos I took while preparing to my next batch of Samhain readings for clients. (Please note my supervisor in the background of the center photo.) Enjoy!

    Above L: Samhain Reading using the Wild Unknown Tarot, Muses of Tarot (top L and R), and Indie Wild Rune Oracle (bottom R)

    Center Photo: Chief Softness Officer Nala oversees my Tarot reading prep

    Above R: Samhain 9-Card Reading* using the Arcana Iris Sacra, Muses of Tarot (top L and R), and the Indie Wild Rune Oracle (middle L and R)

    *Samhain 9-Card Reading created by Rowan Morgana, MorganaMagickSpell.com

    Halloween Samhain Readings are now closed. They’ll reopen in April for our Southern Hemisphere friends, when Spring Beltane Readings open.

    Even more details! Limited edition Samhain Ancestor Jar 2020, gorgeous Daughter of the Night candle from AnitaApothecaryShop, and purple pentacle and black cauldron 3D printed by my partner.

    Even Happier Pumpkins

    Happy Fall from Stephanie Dreams Tarot

    Hi again, today I added a fabulously detailed Samhain 9-Card Tarot Spread created by Rowan Morgana of MorganaMagickSpell.com, to the other Halloween Samhain spreads available to you.

    For my Southern Hemisphere clients, I’ve added 2 Spring Beltane Tarot Spreads to my offerings. All of my seasonal Halloween, Samhain, and Beltane readings will be available till November 7th and again April 2nd through May 7th annually (Spring/ May Day/ Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn/ Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere).

    My Etsy Shop got a good polishing as well, with a few of my regularly-offered readings added and descriptions updated for clarity. Remember I have a 20% off $10+ sale on Etsy till All Hallows Eve (07 Nov 2020)!

    I also spent time double-checking the instructions and links you receive when purchasing my readings. It’s important that you continue to have smooth checkout experiences (super thankful for no issues to date!), so you can get meaningful answers and clear guidance as soon as possible.

    Thanks for reading! I appreciate you.

    Happy Pumpkin Time!

    Autumn Samhain Leaves over Lake

    Giveaway Winner, Etsy Special, and Samhain Readings

    Thanks to everyone who entered my first ever giveaway for the Intuitive Tarot book + Best Path Tarot Reading! I really appreciate you. Your participation makes this fun!

    Intuitive Tarot book by Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot

    Congratulations to giveaway winner Jenn in Virginia, US! Other entrants, please check your email for your prizes as well! If you missed this giveaway, stay tuned to my Giveaway page for the most up-to-date information. Your next chance to win begins 12 Nov 2020 with a professional 3-card Tarot reading.

    Tarot cards, Samhain decorations, Oracle cards, Runes

    I’m running a Samhain/ Halloween special until All Hallows Eve on November 7th in my Etsy store for 20% off $10. Get your discounted reading you can!

    Finally, I’ve added some seasonal and holiday readings for you. Enjoy! Please let me know in the comments below if there are other types of card readings you’d like to purchase from me.

    A Few Prime Day Deals Under $25

    Today, I’m sharing a few Amazon Prime Day Deals on items you may enjoy that are rated 4 stars & up and listed for under $25. I’ll update this list a few times a day for the two Prime Days, today and tomorrow, October 13-14, 2020. As of this morning at 10AM EDT, there weren’t many Tarot deck or book deals active, but I’ll keep an eye out. You’ll need an Amazon Prime Membership to take advantage of the Prime Day deals and I’ve included a 30-day free trial membership link below.

    Tarot and astrological goodies: PVC tarot, astrological, and whimsical stickers for water bottle/ laptop, 9 planets tumbled stone set


    Prime Day deals on planners in Office Supplies

    Acupressure mat for pain relief and relaxation – I use a similar mat for back and shoulder pain relief and to ease my insomnia. Definitely an acquired “taste” but for me, it’s well worth it to experience less pain and better sleep.

    October 2020 Shadow Work Box

    Goddess Provisions Sacred Self Care Deck with crystals

    Goddess Box, My Happy Mail

    Very excited to report on the October Goddess Box, lovelies. First, this month’s theme is shadow work, the purposeful exploration of repressed thoughts, hidden fears, or “socially unacceptable” behaviors.

    What Is Shadow Work and Why You Need It at Zenned Out

    Shadow work can be incredibly empowering as we recognize, accept, and integrate these parts of ourselves. Learn more on how shadow work can benefit you at Well + Good.

    Shadow Work Goddess Box Candle Crystal Tote Bag

    Goddess Box is my favorite subscription because it’s consistently fabulous, without repeated items and with a crystal and 4+ full size items every month. I’ve received so many great decks and candles that I’m always stoked to open the next box, ready for new treasures.

    Goddess Box Kyanite Balance Tote Crystal-Shaped Candle Tea Light Holder

    What’s in the Box

    This month’s Goddess Box included a gorgeous amethyst crystal-shaped candle, a tea light holder that casts a lotus shadow, a kyanite crystal, an organic chocolate bar, a pretty lotus temporary tattoo, and a balance-themed tote bag. Black kyanite (AKA the Witch’s Broom) is known for its straw broom-like appearance and its association with sweeping away negative attachments and cutting painful emotional cords.

    Next Steps – Get Yours!

    Discover 7 Keys to Shadow Work on the Goddess Provisions blog. The best news is that you can get your Shadow Work box here–new subscribers will receive the October box until it sells out (usually in the last few days of the month).