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The first connection seemed to have a personal touch [which] I really appreciated. The reading was extremely helpful to me!

A Personal Touch

I love the basic definition of the cards and then the interpretations. I liked the reading that told me what I bring to the relationship.

A very good reading
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Last Day for 30% Off $60

February 2021 Etsy sale of 30% off $60 ends tonight, 28 Feb. Don’t miss out on your 12-Month Tarot Forecast at this special price!

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Do the Hustle

Under this productive Full Moon in Virgo, today’s Tarot spread is from Labyrinthos, plus an oracle card reading from Ethony*’s Awakened Soul Oracle.

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Aquarius New Moon Tarot Readings

New Moon in Aquarius Tarot readings, why NOT to read on the same question multiple times, and how I prepare for New and Full Moon rituals.


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